This site was started on 13 april 2013, by Henry Sturman on the occasion of the Gold, Savings and Money Conference in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. During a short speech I presented this site publicly for the first time.

Originally my plan was to first develop an open standard and open source software for digital cash with these features. My main wishes were anonymity, support for any currency and easy creation of new currencies.  Step 2 of my plan was to go on to develop software and services to facilitate the creation of digital currencies and money. However, just a few days after this site became active I was made aware of the Open Transactions (OT) protocol and the company Monetas which is developing products based on OT. These seem perfect for what I want to achieve, and since I don’t see any need in reinventing the wheel, I decided to start proceeding to the next step: Creation of a new digital currency (possibly based on the gold standard) or the creation of a platform allowing users to easily create their own currencies.

Please visit us regularly the coming weeks, much more to come shortly. I do not want, nor can I do this alone. If you think you may be able to help develop Dcash, partner with Dcash or invest in Dcash please email me at.

Let’s do this! Be part of the money freedom revolution.