Bitcoin and others

Dcash is not a new idea, but a new way of combining various existing ideas. For example, the idea of anonymous digital cash backed by a commodity is not new (Ecash, backed by gold, by the now defunct company DigiCash). Nor is the idea of a non-centralized digital cash (Bitcoin). Nor is the idea of a multibank protocol combined with digital cash – however these multibank protocols always assume an exclusive club of official banks usually led by one leading bank. Nor is the idea of a digital cash protocol supporting any currency new (Ripple based on Opencoin).

Although the Ripple/Opencoin project has goals very close to ours, it does have some important problems and inherently lacks a number of core characteristics which are essential to our concept. The concept of Dcash is partially based on the idea of replicating money and banking in digital form as it actually existed when money was not yet controlled and manipulated by governments and central banks. A system very close to free banking existed in Europe and the United State,s until the 19th century in some countries. True free money and free banking are unregulated, without central authority and not based on any legally established coin.